GurjeeT singH

GurjeeT singH

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 deadly mistakes Link Building and SEO You should avoid

What are you doing not to the crown of your online business successfully, you place PPC ads, create a buzz, optimize your site, etc. But even after doing all possible things that you do gurjeet not get actual result, is not it appear there is something wrong? Maybe you made some mistakes?

Here you have to know all the common mistakes committed by many optimizers while undergoing SEO and link building techniques so that you will not ever.

same errors Error # 1. Keyword selection entirely on the basis of Volume

What Search Referrals tend to do is if they think they will have loads and loads of traffic to their sites, it will bring a dramatic improvement in their business. But this is not true if the traffic to your page is not looking for what your site is giving.

Simply pick up the keywords that are found to have the highest number of monthly searches for keywords in Google n ' not help much, you need to dig deeper than that. First thing to do is to understand the thought process all of your potential customers. Choose keywords such as the company really, not just those crowd-source your site.

Second thing to remember is that you must be realistic in your approach. So if you just take the keywords because the Google said it is the most sought without checking how competitive it is, it will not be a good idea if your site is a newly launched and your budget happens to be a modest one.

Error # 2. Only building links to the home page of your Site

If you think your home is the single most important page on your site and building all your links to this page will help you make better business you wrong. This does prove useful, but only when you have only two or three pages on your site, not when you have many more pages and products or services you provide are spread over all these pages.

So try to link to all important pages of your site instead of getting stuck in alone.

home page Error # 3. Create Duplicate Meta Data

This is again a very common mistake that many SEO practitioners continue to do so. It is true that meta-data and meta description does not receive as much importance from Google as they did in the past, they are not considered to be the decisive factor for the list on your site longer. But that does not mean that you will be totally ignored or treated in a way ugly. Your Meta data must be unique and well prepared as it gives an introduction to your site and is often seen by Google as an indicator of the quality of your site and the relevance (but only to a certain extent). Again, a lousily established irrelevant data Meta suspect makes Google on your site.

Error # 4. Create a blog on a Host

You know blogging is an important part of optimizing your page, so you can just run all the platforms of blogs hosted for free to create your blog. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. These platforms are good enough to be used, but when you are specifically blogs for reference purposes, they do not prove that beneficial.

So, you are advised to opt for a self-publishing platform that hosted this will give you more freedom, more options and control over your blogs leading up to a maximum of SEO benefits.

Error # 5. More Optimizing your Web Pages.

As optimization is essentially good for your site, the optimization is essentially bad. And unfortunately, many are optimizers do. One of the most common optimization is keyword stuffing or over-repetition of your keywords on your pages in the body, head, title, sidebar, etc. This makes your site look and scrappy.

Again spam Too many internal links is also a kind of over-optimization that should be avoided. Remember, the more optimization can get your site penalized.

So just avoid these errors referencing and strengthening links while optimizing your site.